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Rentals give you access to one of the highest-quality inventories of audio visual gear available in Texas. Either for your next event or for a possible audio visual integration in the form of an initial demo. We have a large client base that uses our rental department to supplement their own existing stock of equipment as well as a large number of theatres, civic centers, and churches that we have rental contracts with.


Providing state of the art sonic solutions for touring, corporate, social, and private events. Our experienced and motivated staff is focused on exceeding your expectations.  We stock a wide range of audio products and are constantly updating our inventory with the latest in technology as well as developing our own proprietary devices.  We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in audio and you will hear the difference.


Offering a vast spectrum of lighting solutions and equipment to the special events and entertainment industries. Our design teams work closely with our clients to integrate their concepts into creative and innovative designs.  We maintain an extensive inventory of conventional, automated, and LED instruments as well as consoles, truss, rigging, power distribution, and support equipment.


A leading provider of video equipment and services. We have a highly skilled and experienced staff of directors, engineers, and operators.  We specialize in both creative content delivery systems and conventional ones. Our innovative approach to video maximizes impact and effectively delivers your message.

Fully Inspected

ll BCS gear is fully inspected & diagnosed by certified professionals

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Everything is cleaned & repaired to as new status

Fully Loved

Always treated with love